20 Test-Taking Tips for Your Next Exam

Taking exams can be challenging for many people. Some may have trouble memorizing information, while others may experience anxiety related to taking tests.

We understand this, and we’re here to help! We have compiled a list of 20 test-taking tips to help you do better on your next exam. Read on to discover our top tips!

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Tip #1: Schedule numerous study sessions to review the exam material. Giving yourself plenty of time to study will help you better learn and retain the information for your exam.

Tip #2: Utilize different study methods like flashcards, visual images, reading the material, practicing problems, review your notes, and teaching the topic to someone else.

Tip #3: Choose a study location that is quiet and free from distractions, like the library or a quiet room at home. It’s hard to stay focused on studying for your test when you are constantly being interrupted.

Tip #4: Find a study buddy or join a study group and work together to prepare for your exam. If possible, find someone who is preparing for the same exam as you, so you can help each other study.

Tip #5: Reduce test anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, picturing happy places, and thinking happy thoughts. It’s hard to focus on studying when you are super stressed out about the exam.

Tip #6: Give yourself positive affirmations and visualize yourself doing well on the test. You can say things like, “I am relaxed and fully prepared to take the exam” or “I am going to do great on the test”.

Tip #7: Get a good night’s sleep before your exam so that you will be awake, refreshed, and ready to go. It’s hard to think clearly when we don’t get enough sleep, so this is essential to do before a test.

Tip #8: Eat a healthy meal before taking your test, as this will give you the energy you need to focus. Try to stay away from too much sugar. While sugar gives you energy at first, you then feel a crash where you have reduced energy, and you don’t want to crash during your exam.

Tip #9: Stay hydrated by drinking water before your exam. Our bodies use water for many functions and without enough of it, things do not work properly. For example, dehydration can cause headaches, and a headache is the last thing you want when taking a test.

Tip #10: Be on time or early for the exam if possible, so you have a moment to relax and clear your thoughts before taking the test. This also gives you the chance to ask any last-minute questions.

Tip #11: Have all the necessary supplies you will need to successfully complete your exam. This could include things like a pencil, calculator, notebook for working out problems or writing essay responses, your class notes, or something else.

Tip #12: Maintain a positive attitude before, during, and after you take your text. Having a positive attitude can help you be more relaxed, reduce your test anxiety, and give you more confidence.

Tip #13: Carefully read the directions for the test and for each question before you answer it. It’s easy to get answers wrong when you don’t fully understand the directions.

Tip #14: Briefly look over the entire exam before you begin. This will help give you an idea of how much time you have to spend on each question or section of questions.

Tip #15: Skip hard questions and return to them after completing all the other questions on the test. Spending too much time on the hard questions as you go may not leave you enough time to complete the whole exam.

Tip #16: Don’t let yourself get frustrated while you are taking the exam, even if you do not know all the answers. When we get frustrated, we don’t think as clearly, and this can prevent us from doing our best on the test.

Tip #17: Choose the answer that makes the most sense to you If you have no idea what it could be and have to guess. It’s better to at least try instead of just leaving the answer blank.

Tip #18: Leave time to review your answers at the end of the exam. Leaving extra time to go back and look everything over can help ensure that you haven’t missed any questions and have completed all parts of the exam correctly.

Tip #19: Do something for yourself after the exam to help relieve any stress you are feeling. It could be something like a relaxing nature walk, hanging out with friends, or watching your favorite TV show.

Tip #20: Review your results when you receive your test back. Think about what worked well and what you could do better next time. Then, take this information and use it when preparing for your next exam.

We hope these tips will help you create good study habits, manage text anxiety, prepare for your exams, and give you the confidence to succeed at taking them!

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