Cassie May – Graduate Highlight

Meet Practical Nursing Graduate Cassie May

Before enrolling at United Career Institute, Cassie May had diligently pursued her studies at Westmoreland County Community College. Although she found some courses enjoyable at WCCC, Cassie believed that United Career Institute provided a better fit for her aspirations. She perceived UCI as offering a curriculum more tailored to her specific needs and interests, prompting her decision to embark on her educational journey there.

Cassie May - Graduate HighlightCassie’s choice to join United Career Institute was influenced by her previous positive encounter with the Phlebotomy program offered at the institution. Reflecting on this experience, she found herself drawn to the vibrant atmosphere of the campus. What particularly appealed to her were the faster-paced programs and the assurance of smaller class sizes. She perceived these factors as crucial in fostering a conducive learning environment for her academic pursuits.

The dynamic and lively ambiance of the campus resonated with Cassie, igniting her excitement for further education. Additionally, the prospect of engaging in faster-paced programs aligned well with her eagerness to dive deep into her chosen field of study. Moreover, the promise of smaller class sizes piqued her interest, as she envisioned it would facilitate more personalized attention from instructors and foster closer connections with peers.

Ultimately, these factors played a pivotal role in Cassie’s decision to enroll in the Practical Nursing program at United Career Institute. She viewed the institution as a place where she could thrive academically, surrounded by a supportive community and equipped with the resources needed to pursue her educational and professional goals.

Cassie regarded the smaller class sizes at United Career Institute as a paramount feature of the institution. She recognized this aspect as one of its most noteworthy attributes. The intimate class settings allowed Cassie to maintain heightened focus and engagement in her academic endeavors. With fewer students in each class, she found it easier to concentrate on the material being taught and actively participate in discussions and activities.

Furthermore, Cassie cherished the collaborative atmosphere that flourished among her peers at UCI. She understood the significance of teamwork in achieving academic success and appreciated the opportunities for collective learning and problem-solving. Engaging in group projects and study sessions facilitated the exchange of ideas and perspectives, enriching Cassie’s learning experience and enhancing her understanding of course material.

Cassie valued the supportive and interactive learning environment cultivated by the combination of smaller class sizes and a collaborative atmosphere at United Career Institute. These factors contributed to her academic achievements and fostered a sense of camaraderie among students, creating a conducive space for personal and professional growth.

Throughout her time at United Career Institute, Cassie found all of her instructors to be exceptional. They displayed a genuine dedication to their student’s success, ensuring that every individual in the class felt included and supported. Cassie particularly enjoyed her experience in the “Nursing Care of Children” class, which unexpectedly became her favorite part of the program and sparked a newfound interest in pursuing a career in Pediatrics.

Upon graduating from United Career Institute, Cassie has laid out plans for her future. She intends to treat herself to a well-deserved vacation in Nashville before embarking on her professional journey in the field of nursing. Over the next five years, Cassie envisions herself settling into a fulfilling nursing job, actively progressing in her career, and striving toward attaining a leadership position within her field.

Throughout her academic journey, Cassie has been a staunch advocate for United Career Institute. She has enthusiastically recommended the institution to her friends and peers, emphasizing the benefits of its fast-paced programs and intimate class sizes. Cassie views United Career Institute as more than just an educational institution; to her, it is a welcoming and enriching environment where learning is both enjoyable and rewarding. She expresses deep gratitude for the invaluable experiences and opportunities that United Career Institute has provided her, and she looks forward to continuing her journey with fond memories of her time there.

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