Medical Assisting

Kelly Kaefer – Graduate Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Graduate Kelly Kaefer! Kelly Kaefer went to a community college and then a university right out of high school. She states, “It was a different experience than compared to now. I’d say I didn’t take it very seriously then.” Kelly decided to go to United Career Institute because she recently moved back … Read more

Medical Assisting: Learning Hands-On Skills

Practicing Real-World Skills: Personal Protective Equipment Medical assisting students need to practice hands-on skills because it helps them develop the necessary skills to provide quality care to patients. The United Career Institute Medical Assisting program prepares students for real-world scenarios so they are ready to begin their healthcare career after graduation. A professor will evaluate … Read more

10 Tips For Balancing School And Personal Life

Attending school can be a stressful experience, especially for your first year. The postsecondary school experience is vastly different from your previous academic experiences. Unlike earlier, you spend a lot less time in the classroom. This gives you more time to socialize with your peers. However, you also have more work, and, with that, you … Read more

How To Write A Research Paper

You have likely written several research papers throughout your secondary and postsecondary education. However, writing a research paper can still seem like an intimidating task, regardless of the amount of experience you have. Thankfully, United Career Institute is here to cover everything that should be included in your research paper. Continue reading to learn more … Read more

Cassandra Hart- Graduate Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Graduate Cassandra Hart! Before joining United Career Institute, Cassandra Hart spent her time raising her children and focusing on their educational needs. While Cassandra will always be a mother first, she couldn’t help but dream of going into the medical field. Cassandra began researching programs and schools that could cater to her … Read more

Online Clinical Medical Assistant Diploma Program Highlight

Get A Career In A Year! Have you been considering a career in the healthcare field but don’t want to spend years taking classes? At United Career Institute, you can have a great career in a year! Our Clinical Medical Assistant Diploma program allows students to complete courses online, attend hands-on clinical days at the … Read more

Olivia Williams – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Student Olivia Williams! Before attending United Career Institute, Olivia Williams attended another community college in an attempt to get a degree. However, she wanted to pursue more. Before deciding to attend UCI Irwin, Olivia was a full-time mom to a newborn. She was debating whether it was the right time for her … Read more

Why National Healthcareer Association Certifications Are Important

Are you looking for a healthcare training program that provides you with valuable hands-on skills, classroom development, an externship, and preparation for industry-specific certification* exams? The United Career Institute has programs that fit your needs!  Continue reading to learn why a healthcare program that prepares you to sit for National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification* exams … Read more

5 Steps To Becoming A Medical Assistant at United Career Institute

Have you been considering becoming a medical assistant and are looking for a program that fits your unique needs? United Career Institute’s residential and online Medical Assisting programs offer students the option to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in only 18 months.  United Career Institute is here for you every … Read more

What Does It Mean To Skillify Yourself?

There’s no surprise that many employers are shifting to more skill-driven hiring in recent years, including in the healthcare industry. Because of this, many employers require their new hires to have basic skills before starting in a healthcare position, whether it be short-term training or a degree. By learning the essential skills you need to … Read more