New Skills

Stacey Mantich – Faculty Highlight

Meet Clinical Coordinator & Nursing Instructor Stacey Mantich Stacey Mantich began her nursing career in 2002, earning a Diploma in Nursing from St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing. After gaining substantial experience in the field, she advanced her education and completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Waynesburg University in 2017. Stacey’s professional … Read more

Practical Nursing Skills – Nasogastric Insertion & Removal

Nasogastric tubes are part of the standard of care in treating intestinal obstructions and can be used to provide nutritional support. They are most common in surgical patients but are helpful in any patient population where gastric decompression or nutritional support is necessary. Nurses need to learn this skill as they are usually the healthcare … Read more

Esposito Medical Associates – Externship Site

Esposito Medical Associates is a valuable externship experience for United Career Institute. It helps give UCI students the platform to showcase their passion for healthcare and demonstrate their dedication to the field. It’s a chance for them to engage in meaningful conversations with other employees and patients and gain insights into valuable new skills for … Read more

Practical Nursing Hands-On Skills

UCI LPN Students Practice Hands-On Skills In a nursing student learning lab, it is typical for the students to practice their skills on mannequins under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. They will practice their hands-on skills, such as routine check-ups, vaccinations, and minor medical procedures. It’s an excellent opportunity for nursing students to … Read more

Jessica Saydie Johnson – Graduate Highlight

Meet Practical Nursing Graduate Jessica Saydie Johnson! Jessica Saydie Johnson graduated from United Career Institute’s Practical Nursing program on June 26, 2022. Since then, she has passed her NCLEX and started working as a Licensed Practical Nurse at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital. She learned about Encompass when they came to the school for an employer … Read more

What Does It Mean To Skillify Yourself?

There’s no surprise that many employers are shifting to more skill-driven hiring in recent years, including in the healthcare industry. Because of this, many employers require their new hires to have basic skills before starting in a healthcare position, whether it be short-term training or a degree. By learning the essential skills you need to … Read more

Why You Should Consider An Accelerated Program

Have you been thinking about furthering your education but aren’t sure what type of program suits the needs of your lifestyle? Are you wanting to avoid spending four to six years taking classes you don’t need at a traditional school? Attending an accelerated healthcare training program may be a great fit if this sounds like … Read more

How to Perform an Insulin Draw

Haley DiMartino, a medical assisting student at United Career Institute, teaches a fellow student how to draw up insulin. Haley focuses on step-by-step procedures, including checking expiration dates, proper sanitization, and safely recapping a needle. This is one of the many clinical skills that medical assisting students will learn in the Clinical Medical Procedures course. … Read more

Tips For Improving Communication Skills

Communication is an essential skill for anyone, regardless of their career and educational path. Strong communication skills are especially important to students and graduates who communicate during classes, in interviews, and their professions. Learning soft skills such as how to be an effective communicator will make you not only better in your professional life but … Read more

Benefits of an Online Degree

Are you looking to learn new skills and advance your career, but you cannot attend classes on campus? Taking classes in person may be difficult due to work or family responsibilities, and the convenience of a flexible schedule may be what you need. Regardless of your unique circumstances, earning your degree online may be a … Read more