UCI Graduate

Dakotah Lewis – Graduate Highlight

Meet Practical Nursing Graduate Dakotah Lewis! Dakotah Lewis began her educational journey with a series of disappointments and missteps before she found her true calling at United Career Institute (UCI). Having previously attended a community college and a university, she had embarked on a path that didn’t align with her true aspirations. Dakotah had chosen … Read more

Kelly Kaefer – Graduate Highlight

Meet Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate Kelly Kaefer! Kelly Kaefer went to a community college and then a university right out of high school. She states, “It was a different experience than compared to now. I’d say I didn’t take it very seriously then.” Kelly decided to go to United Career Institute because she recently moved … Read more

UCI Graduation 2023

United Career Institute Graduation Ceremony! Graduation night came, and our graduates brought their loved ones to support their success. The excitement and pride could be seen on their faces. The graduates and their families celebrated the hard work and sacrifice that was made to reach this accomplishment. The mood was enhanced by our accomplished community … Read more

Cassandra Hart- Graduate Highlight

Meet Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate Cassandra Hart! Before joining United Career Institute, Cassandra Hart spent her time raising her children and focusing on their educational needs. While Cassandra will always be a mother first, she couldn’t help but dream of going into the medical field. Cassandra began researching programs and schools that could cater to … Read more