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At UCI, we work hard to support our students all the way through their journey of completing school. From the moment a student first walks in our door, to completing their career-focused classes, to graduation and beyond, we are here for you.

We have a WE CARE approach to education that sets our students up for success, with personalized support for every student and a student success team to guide you throughout your student experience.

Read on to learn all about how we support our students here at UCI!

WE CARE Approach

We truly care about the success of every student who attends UCI. Our WE CARE approach stands for work ethic, excellence, caring, accountability, relationships, and exemplary. It’s our goal to see our students perform their best and reach their full potential while enrolled in school, in their careers, and life. We are committed to empowering and encouraging our students every day.

One of the ways we do this is by helping students solve problems and removing barriers preventing them from being successful. We are knowledgeable and have resources that can help students with the obstacles they face and help them stay on their feet. For example, if a student’s car breaks down, we can help them with a bus pass to still attend their classes.

When needed, we also refer students to outside resources, such as mental health services offered by Morgantown Counseling. Other examples of outside resources are referring students that need help purchasing a laptop or computer, helping students to be proactive with external scholarship opportunities, and getting students assistance with application fees. We also work with students on any childcare issues they may have, with solutions like flexible scheduling or providing verification of enrollment so students can get their child enrolled in a daycare center.

Personalized Support

Building relationships with each of our students is an important aspect of how we operate as a school. We want each student to know that we care about your success, and we are here for you with whatever you may need. We consider our students like family and offer you personalized support every step of the way through your educational journey.

We have an open-door policy with all our students, which means you can reach out to us anytime, and we will be here to help you. For example, if an issue comes up during your enrollment process, we will help you solve the problem. Or, if you are having trouble in one of your classes, we will work together to figure out the support you need to be successful.

This one-on-one support allows us to really get to know each student’s unique situation, enabling us to help them in the best way possible. For example, if we have a medical assisting student who is interested in dermatology, we try to help that student get placed in a dermatologist’s office when it comes time to complete their externship. Whatever a student’s goal may be, we work with them on a personal level to help them achieve their goal.

Student Success Team

As you complete your healthcare career training at UCI, you will have an entire student success team supporting you throughout your experience. Your own personal cheerleading team, including admissions, academics, and career services, is available to you via phone, text, and in-person to help you with anything you may need.

From the moment you first visit the UCI campus, our admissions team will help you explore your options, navigate the enrollment process, and even ensure you are prepared for your first classes. Your admissions team member will help get you set up with a financial aid representative and stay with you for the first six weeks of your courses to ensure everything is going well for you.

Once you start your healthcare training program, our academic team is there to help you be successful in your classes. With our open-door policy, students can get the help they need from their instructors, such as free tutoring. For example, if a student needs additional practice on a specific skill, an instructor will come in early or stay late to help the student one-on-one with that skill. Additionally, we know that everyone’s learning style is different, so our instructors provide a variety of methods to help students learn in the manner that is most effective for them.

During your program and as you approach graduation, your career services team helps you prepare for the professional world. Some of the valuable things that career services help you with are resume development, helping you with thank you letters, interview practice, reaching out to employers for you, helping you search for jobs, and sending your resume out. Even after you graduate, students can still come back and get assistance with finding a job.

Choose UCI for the Support You Need

If you want a school that supports you every step of the way through your educational and career journey, UCI is here for you. With your own personal student success team to guide you throughout your training, you will gain the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to succeed in your career.

We offer exciting programs in Medical Assisting, Medical Billing/Administration, and Practical Nursing. In addition to these on-campus options, we now offer our Medical Assisting program online, so you can balance family, work, and school as you earn your degree.

Learn more about UCI today and request information now to get started!