Donald King – Student Highlight

Meet October Medical Assisting Student of the Month, Donald King! Fresh out of high school, Donald enrolled at United Career Institute. He decided to attend the institute after hearing “how great it is” from his sister, Alexis, a Practical Nursing student.

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Before beginning school, Donald was a home healthcare aide and wanted to start something new, saying, “I just want to help people. I’ve always been good at that.” We certainly see Donald’s caring nature in how he speaks to others and interacts with his peers, a characteristic that makes him a perfect fit for the medical field and a wonderful addition to the school.

When asked his favorite part of attending United Career Institute, Donald replied, “My favorite part is how patient and friendly everyone is with you,” adding that he is “truly blessed and thankful to be here.” We’re thankful to have him! When asked his favorite instructor, Donald picked Annette Crowe, who teaches Medical Terminology, saying, “she helped me a lot. I was always happy going to her class.”

Donald is happy about his choice to attend UCI and would absolutely recommend the school to a friend because, “I learned a lot, and everyone at UCI is amazing.” Though he is not sure where exactly he’d like to work after graduation, Donald does know that he wants to work in the medical field with a work-life balance that allows him to pursue another passion, music. His talents include guitar, drums, and voice.

Further down the road, Donald would like his life to be similar to now – working hard and spending quality time with the important people in his life. We here at United Career Institute are indeed excited to see the great places life takes, Donald!

If you are interested in learning more about the healthcare programs at United Career Institute, visit unitedcareer.edu or request information here!