Jenna Sersen – Staff Highlight

Meet United Career Institute’s newest Financial Aid Advisor, Jenna Sersen! “Jenna Sersen e1637013346222Jenna attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her degree in business with a minor in economics. Graduating from school is  Jenna’s proudest accomplishment, as she worked hard to balance her school, work, and personal life. Outside of work, Jenna enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and of course, her dog, Bubba! Jenna says that her family is her biggest motivation, as “they are always wanting me to do something I enjoy where I can help others.

Jenna’s work experience includes working at a credit union throughout college and a law firm upon graduation. Jenna wanted to use her background and knowledge to help students. She wants to “make a positive impact in people’s lives when it comes to furthering their education.” She joined the United team in September of 2021 as the Financial Aid Advisor for the Irwin campus, where she gets to use her skills to design personalized financial plans for students at UCI.

Upon acceptance into the school, each student meets with a financial aid advisor, who determines their eligibility for financial aid.* The first piece to the financial aid puzzle is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This helps determine eligibility for grants, which is money the state or federal government gifts to students to go to school that students do NOT have to pay back. United Career Institute also has a grant program with various grants that students may be eligible for. The financial aid* process can seem intimidating at first, but students can rest assured that Jenna will be there every step of the way.

Jenna’s favorite part about working for United Career Institute is the people she gets to meet through her position, both students and coworkers. She is interested in continuing to learn and grow in her role at UCI, saying that her long-term career goal is “to advance in my knowledge of the financial aid field.” With her knowledge, expertise, and positive personality, we are indeed lucky to have Jenna on our team!

To learn more about the admissions process at United, request information here!

*For those who qualify.