Kaitlyn Hawthorne – Staff Highlight

Meet United Career Institute’s new Career Management Director (CMD), Kaitlyn Hawthorne! Kaitlyn attended Duquesne University, where she received her degree in Secondary Education and Mathematics. Before joining the UCI team at both our Irwin and Mount Braddock campuses, Kaitlyn lived in five different states and worked as a server and in appraisal management but found a place to call home with UCI! Kaitlyn’s job allows her to pursue her passion for helping others, saying, “I am passionate about technical schools because I grew up with the stigma that a 4-year college degree is absolutely necessary.” Traditional colleges are not for everyone, so Kaitlyn is “all about creating other options and opportunities for higher education.”

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As CMD, Kaitlyn teaches a Career Preparation course, which includes resume writing, job search and interview skills, and various other skills that help prepare students for success in their field. These career services are offered not only to current students but graduates, as well. If they find themselves in a position to reenter the workforce or change employers, graduates can come back to UCI to receive the same assistance they did as a student. UCI graduates can also brush up on any skills they learned while in school by auditing a course at no additional cost. These career services prove to our current and prospective students that United Career Institute cares about their success, not only while in school but also in their careers.

While Kaitlyn may not be sure precisely of her own career goals, she does know that she wants to continue helping others through everything she does, saying that her drive in life is to help people, and believes that “kindness, care, and compassion are some of the most important things.” She wants to share those things to promote positivity in others’ lives. When asked what her favorite part about working for United Career Institute is, Kaitlyn, said, “I love working with the students and helping them find the best job for them.” Our students are indeed lucky to have Kaitlyn on their team! We asked Kaitlyn if she had any advice for students, and she said:

Choosing a career can be scary, but you’re far from alone! I’m here to help in absolutely any way that I can, even if you need to talk things through. Find a job you’ll be proud to do every day, one that makes you happy to be a part of! Remember that while money is essential, so is your happiness.

If it is not already apparent, Kaitlyn certainly has a big heart, which is something she says she is proud of, “I pride myself on being kind, genuine, caring, and empathetic at all times. It takes more effort to be a good person, but it’s far more rewarding!” Outside of work, you can find Kaitlyn enjoying live music and sharing her talent at karaoke nights, hiking, and spending time with her significant other and their pup, Anakin.

We are incredibly thankful to have Kaitlyn as our Career Management Director and look forward to seeing the amazing things she can accomplish in this position! Welcome to UCI, Kaitlyn!

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