Mikayla Dankis – Student Highlight

Meet Practical Nursing
Student Mikayla Dankis!

UCI Blog Mikayla Dankis

Mikayla Dankis’s path to United Career Institute’s Practical Nursing program started with a pit stop at Westmoreland Community College, where she spent two months before determining that the instructors were not as helpful as she originally thought they would be. Undeterred in achieving her career goal, Mikayla began searching for an institution that was a good overall fit for a single mom, along with instructors that were both accessible and helpful.

After doing research, Mikayla found her home at United Career Institute. She chose United Career Institute because of the length and the flexible schedule offered in the Practical Nursing program. Being a single mom presents many challenges, and the ability to graduate in one year was a big plus. In addition, it was important to schedule courses that would allow her to be home in the evenings to take care of her family and work part-time on the weekends. These were the determining factors in her decision to enroll at UCI.

Before attending United Career Institute, Mikayla was employed as a dispatcher for a tow truck operator and was also dispatched to a glass company. Working as a dispatcher helped me develop strong communication and customer service skills and learn the importance of accountability and teamwork. When scheduling employees and sending them to assist customers, both the employees and the customers are counting on you, and you have to get it right.

When asked why she chose the LPN program, Mikayla stated that she has always had a strong desire to help and assist people in any way possible and wants a career that will allow her to provide financial stability for her family. In addition, she likes the peace of mind that comes with the job security offered in medical-related fields.

Mikayla says her favorite part of attending UCI is the great instructors. They always are interested in helping students succeed. Her favorite instructor is Stacey, and her favorite course is Nursing Fundamentals Lab. Her career goal is to become an RN and work in a pediatric doctor’s office. She would definitely recommend UCI to family and friends because it’s a program that can be completed in a year, and the instructors care about the students and want to help them succeed and obtain their goals.

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