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Meet Medical Assisting Student
Mya Semelsberger!

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Mya Semelsberger is currently enrolled in United Career Insititute’s Medical Assisting program. This is her first post-secondary school experience, and she loves how fast she can get a degree. At most colleges, it takes about two years to obtain an associate’s degree. At United Career Institute, it only takes 18 months to receive an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business – Medical Assisting. Students will also have a chance to take the NHA National Certified Clinical Medical Assistant certification* exam upon completing the program. This means in only 18 months, and students can obtain an associate’s degree and begin practicing as Certified Clinical Medical Assistants. This is why Mya chose to attend United Career Institute.

When deciding on what program to attend, Mya knew she wanted something that allowed her to get her foot in the door of the medical field. She wants to enter nursing in the future, so she is using medical assisting as a stepping stone in her path. She looks forward to experiencing different facilities to learn more about where she wants to work as a nurse. After graduating, Mya hopes to work as a medical assistant in a specialty office. She is interested in dermatology and the cosmetic side of the medical field. We hope Mya finds a wonderful job at an office that values her bright mind and sweet demeanor.

After getting a job as a medical assistant, Mya plans to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and work her way up in the medical field. In the next five years, she hopes to be a Registered Nurse. All of this starts with her completing the Medical Assisting program at United Career Institute.

Mya’s favorite part about United Career Institute is the friendships she has created. She has made lifelong relationships with her classmates, who have similar goals. Our students work together to encourage success in one another, holding each other accountable for meeting their goals. These relationships will help with building a professional network of individuals in the medical field.

In addition to the friends she’s made, Mya also loves the clinical courses. She said she loves getting hands-on training and practicing in the lab. At United Career Institute, we believe in learning by doing. Students can often be found in the lab practicing skills and procedures. Our labs have technology and equipment used to simulate different clinical scenarios, such as the venipuncture and injections practice arm. This is a lifelike arm with working veins that helps students to practice their phlebotomy skills. Drawing blood and administering injections is one of the many responsibilities of a medical assistant, so we focus on perfecting this skill.

Mastering clinical skills and building strong relationships are just two of the things Mya is excelling in at United Career Institute. She is overall a wonderful student, valued by staff and appreciated by her fellow classmates. She is an important member of the United Career Institute family, and we have high hopes for what she will achieve upon graduating in February. We have full confidence that she will accomplish everything she sets her mind to.

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*Certification is contingent upon passing this industry certification exam.