Practical Nursing Class of 2022

United Career Institute’s Practical Nursing Graduates 2022

Practical Nursing Class of 2022

The Practical Nursing program at United Career institute is an accelerated, 12-month program. It’s hard to believe you can become a Practical Nurse in just a year. The academics within the program can be rigorous and intensive at times, but our students persevere every day. The Practical Nursing class of June 2022 comprises 13 students who have made it to the very end of the program. At the beginning of their time at United Career Institute, they entered the classroom as strangers with a common goal. Throughout the program, they have become far more than just peers. Jaymie Kellem, one of the upcoming graduates, said, “we’re not just fellow students; we’re family.”

Having a support system is essential in everything you do in life, and that goes for nursing school as well. Some students don’t have family and friends to rely on but have found support and comfort amongst their fellow students. They have built connections to keep each other on track throughout the last year. Kim Schuck, another upcoming graduate, said, “when I first came into this school, I did not expect to form such strong relationship bonds that would support me through my time here.” While working together to achieve a common goal of becoming practical nurses, these students have been building each other up and holding each other accountable.

Even when things get difficult or unfamiliar, the students utilize each other as resources. Each student brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from their past. “Having peers with prior experience in the medical field—like Nikki Rose, Tiffany Mccutcheon, and Kim Schuck—helped me gain knowledge and confidence in the clinical setting,” said Alexis King. When the students started their clinical rotations, there was a level of fear and discomfort for those who had not previously been a part of the medical field. However, with the guidance of staff and the comfort of fellow students, all 13 feel confident to start working as nurses.

Working together benefits these students in a clinical setting, and the coursework is much more manageable when studying with peers. Cassie Kocsis said, “maternity and pediatrics would have been impossible without each other.” Even when the courses get tough, having a group of classmates to fall back on can make the experience so much better. Not only do they utilize each other to study, but also to keep morale high. These students are always together through laughter and tears, and they rely on one another to pick each other up when they’re down. Kelly Clark, an instructor at United Career Institute, said, “whenever you feel down, talk to Matthew Brown.” Matthew Brown is always quick to comfort and provide comedic relief.

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