4 Reasons Why Accelerated Training Is Valuable

How Can Accelerated Training Benefit You?

Do you want to start your career and get into your dream job faster? Are you interested in taking classes that teach you everything you need to know for your future career in less than two years, rather than spending four to six years in school? Then pursuing one of United Career Institute’s accelerated career training programs may be perfect for you!

Attending an accelerated program gives students the opportunity to start their careers more quickly, earn valuable certifications, have increased flexibility, and take advantage of expanded career opportunities.

Continue reading to learn more about why enrolling in an accelerated training program can help you start your new career!

Graphic showing four reasons why accelerated training programs are valuable.

Be Prepared For Your New Career In Two Years Or Less!

Enrolling in an accelerated training program enables students to start their careers more quickly than those who spend four to six years attending a traditional university. This gives students a head start in their careers because they can gain experience and start earning an income sooner.

Accelerated training programs take less time for students to complete, and therefore, they are more career-focused. This means that students don’t have to take general classes that don’t apply to their desired program.

At United Career Institute, our accelerated career training programs can be completed in two years or less, and students take the exact classes needed for their careers. This prevents students from wasting valuable time and money taking courses they don’t need for their careers.

You’ll Earn Hands-On Certifications

Many healthcare employers prefer that job candidates have professional certifications that are specific to the job for which they are applying. When students earn certifications* offered by third-party organizations, it shows employers that the applicant has the hands-on skills and experience necessary to complete the job.

Another advantage to accelerated career training at United Career Institute is that students will be prepared to sit for several National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification* exams as part of their programs. 

You Can Have Increased Flexibility

For students who must balance work, family, and personal responsibilities while attending school, accelerated career training offers the increased flexibility they need. Since students take the exact classes necessary for their careers, they have more time for everything else.

The ability to balance other responsibilities while attending an accelerated training program can make a positive impact on the lives of students by allowing them to continue working and spending more time with family while completing their program.

Expanded Career Opportunities

Completing an accelerated career training program and earning industry-specific professional certifications sets students up for success by providing them with expanded career opportunities. It shows prospective employers that you’re willing to work hard to meet your goals and can get the job done.

When applying for jobs, candidates who have completed career training and earned professional certifications often can stand out over those who have not. Our accelerated training programs at United Career Institute prepare students for careers.

Are You Ready To Start An Accelerated Training Program?

With personalized instruction and access to career management services, your United Career Institute team is committed to helping every student succeed in their educational experience and their careers. 

United Career Institute is here to help you get into your dream job faster! Are you ready to make the move and put your career on the fast track? Start your journey by contacting our admissions team at 724-515-2440 or Requesting information!

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.