Tips For Improving Communication Skills

UCI Tips For Improving Communication Skills 2

Communication is an essential skill for anyone, regardless of their career and educational path. Strong communication skills are especially important to students and graduates who communicate during classes, in interviews, and their professions. Learning soft skills such as how to be an effective communicator will make you not only better in your professional life but also in your personal relationships. Continue reading to learn our favorite simple tips for becoming a better communicator!

How to be a better listener?

One of the essential skills that make you an effective communicator is the ability to listen. Active listening is a soft skill that allows you to take in what the person you’re speaking with is saying without interruption. When you actively listen, you are focused entirely on what the person is saying, not thinking of a response or argument. Active listening takes practice, but this skill can improve how you communicate with everyone in your life! 

Another way to practice listening is to ask open-ended or probing questions when the person is done speaking. These questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, allowing you to understand better and retain the information. This also shows the speaker that your attention is on them and interested in the conversation. 

Why is body language important?

Body language is a form of nonverbal communication that people use subconsciously in almost every conversation. From crossed arms to frowning, negative body language can be off-putting to the person you’re communicating with. To avoid coming off as uninterested, maintain good eye contact with the person you’re speaking with, have a good posture, and smile throughout the conversation.

Having a firm handshake can also help form a positive impression. Practicing shaking hands with a friend can help you gain confidence for a real scenario. According to this article on LinkedIn, a handshake that is too strong can come across as arrogant, while a weak handshake can come off as too timid. Finding a happy medium will allow you to build trust and create a good impression.

How does empathy help communication?

Having empathy is a skill that comes naturally to many people, and using this skill in communication can help strengthen your ability to connect with the person you’re speaking to. Looking at a situation from a different perspective can help you understand the issue and suggest solutions. 

When having an emotional conversation with someone, you can use empathy to relate to them, but be sure to manage your emotions. For example, avoid giving unwanted advice or overtaking the conversation by discussing your experiences. Empathy can help you relate to the person you’re speaking to, which can help build a trusting relationship.

Why should you think before you speak?

It is beneficial to be clear and concise so that the person you’re communicating with understands you, and this applies to both in-person and virtual communication. Taking the time to think about what you want to say and the best way to say it is a valuable skill in any aspect of life. 

Using intentional language helps you to be as straightforward as possible, especially when communicating online where the person reading your message cannot see your body language. Taking the time to proofread your message will also allow you to ensure there are no misspellings or grammar issues that could make reading and understanding your message difficult. 

Also, when you communicate face-to-face, filtering your thoughts before speaking allows you to pause and think about how the person could interpret your words. When practicing active listening, allow yourself a moment to process what you’ve heard and gather your thoughts, creating a more meaningful conversation.

Now you know how to improve your communication skills!

By making minor changes to your everyday communication, you’ll be more effective at listening, reading, and communicating through body language, empathy, and clear speaking! 

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