3 Tips For Choosing Your Career Path

You may not currently know what you want your career to be, and that is okay. Choosing your career path will significantly affect the rest of your life, so it should be a decision you do not make lightly. Thankfully, United Career Institute is here with a few tips to help you select your career path.

Determine What You Want To Do

Before starting your journey, you must determine what you want to do. Knowing what you want to do makes it possible to plan for your future. Without an idea in mind, it is hard to determine what training you need. However, it is hard to decide where you want to complete your training if you do not know what training you need. As a result, choosing what you want to do is a critical first step.

3 Tips For Choosing Your Career PathComplete Personality Tests

The first step in determining what you want to do is to figure out your personality. One way to do this is by taking a free online personality quiz. Once you find out what your personality is, you can be better prepared to determine possible careers for yourself.

Complete Career Tests

In addition to personality tests, another practical test to take is a career test. Career tests can help match you with careers that fit what you are looking for in a career. Our sister school, WVJC, is here with a career test for you to complete!

Ask Around

There is not necessarily a set time to complete this step. Instead, this is something you should do throughout your journey. The best way to learn about something is by listening to the experts, so what better way than to listen to people who work in that career for a living?

By asking questions, you can find out how others got into the career and what their day looks like. It is a handy way to determine if that is something you would still be interested in. This is a large reason why job shadowing is becoming increasingly popular in high schools nationwide.

Outline Your Future

Another tip is to outline your future. By that, we mean to determine what you want your future to look like and how you plan on making that a reality. When outlining your future, here are two things you should be sure to include.

Outline Your Career Goals

Be sure to include your career goals. These may be how much upward movement you want, the type of hours, and the job skills you may need. Determining all this can help you choose the next stop you should continue your education. You want to find a school or training center that can nurture the skills you have and teach you all the other skills you need to make your outline your reality. 

Create Plans For The Future

Also, create plans for years down the road. Perhaps your 5-year plan includes you finishing your education, and your 10-year plan includes you working your way up to management. Ultimately, this step depends mainly on what you decide to pick for your career, but it is still vital to plan for the future. This can help you stay on track to ensure you get everything you wanted from the career you chose to pursue.

Complete Research

The last tip we have is to conduct your own research. At the end of the day, only you truly know what you are looking for in your career, so only you know the exact questions to ask. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has statistics and information about dozens of possible careers. There is a plethora of resources just like this within reach of your fingertips.

Also, it is important to research the locations you plan to continue your education at. There may be a school that you really enjoy, but if they do not offer the career you want to pursue, it is probably not the best fit. Furthermore, determining schools that can give a great education without costing an arm and a leg is also essential. All this information and more can be found online.

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