At United, Students Are Family!

At United Career Institute, we understand that you may also need to balance family and work responsibilities in addition to your academic and career goals. Your success team will help you coordinate all of your activities and keep you on track to succeed inside and outside the classroom! Your success team starts with your admissions team member and continues throughout the organization.

“Great school! The staff is so hands-on and helpful no matter what time or day it is; they truly care about their student’s success!” – Brooke Williamson, United Student

Academic Support

Starting a successful medical career begins with having a successful educational experience. Your academic success team at United Career Institute (UCI) does not only include your teachers but includes the Campus President, the academic team, and all of our faculty and staff.

Academic support at UCI helps students to:

  • Become familiar with campus services and programs
  • Set educational goals and develop an academic plan
  • Prepare for professional certification exams
  • Fine-tune study skills and test-taking skills
  • Schedule tutoring services

United Career Institute is only successful if you are successful!

Career Support

Choosing a career is an important life decision that will influence your feelings of fulfillment and happiness. At United Career Institute, we work hard to ensure that you will be prepared to secure employment in a medical position that you enjoy.

Career management at United Career Institute starts in admissions before your classes begin and continues throughout your medical training program. Prior to enrolling, you will sit down with an admissions team member for a career planning session where you explore your goals and opportunities.

Career advising can be helpful for individuals who:

  • Do not know what career field they would like to enter
  • Are having trouble deciding on a field of study
  • Want to confirm a career choice that they have already made


Our career services include:

  • Five-Year Plan Development
  • Career Prep Class
  • Resume Development
  • Cover Letter Development
  • Mock Interviews
  • Facilitation of Job Interviews

One of the unique aspects of the career services at United Career Institute is that it begins before classes begin and continue throughout your career. Once you are accepted into the United Career family, you will have access to our career services department no matter which stage of your professional life you may be in at any given time.

Personal Support

Sometimes situations in our personal lives can make it a challenge to stay focused on educational and career goals. Whether you need someone to talk to or someone to help you secure necessary resources, your success team members can assist in offering support in the following areas:

  • Securing Transportation
  • Managing Finances
  • Managing Free Time and Work Schedules

At UCI, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we are able to dedicate to our students. If a student needs resources outside the scope of what we offer on campus, we are happy to direct them to organizations that can provide more specialized assistance. We firmly believe that our student’s success, both personally and academically, is our success, and we are dedicated to helping our students in any way we can.

“Great school, wonderful staff! Teachers will always go the extra mile to help you the best they can.”

– Haley DiMartino, United Student

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