Career Management Services

Your goal in attending United Career Institute is to secure employment as a skilled medical assistant or medical administration professional. Every aspect of your United Career Institute journey is designed to help you launch a rewarding professional career in your chosen healthcare field. Each member of your success team will do their part to ensure that you stay motivated, develop skills, and obtain your healthcare certifications.

Career management at United starts in admissions before your classes even begin. Prior to enrolling, you will sit down with an admissions team member for a career planning session where you explore your goals and opportunities.

The culmination of your journey as a United student is a career management class where you will work closely with your career management director on your career search process. This course will help you prepare to demonstrate your training and professionalism to employers and will help you create a clear path to employment upon graduation.

“Even after graduation, the staff remain in touch and are always willing to offer help with job placement, if needed.” – Priscilla Morris, United Gradutate

Great Career, Great Life

Your Career Service Benefits Include:

  • Career Advising
  • Career Management Prep Class
  • Five Year Plan Development
  • A Professional Externship
  • Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
  • Pre-Interview and Post-Interview Assistance
  • Access to Employment Networks

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