The 5 Best Study Apps For Students

Things To Consider When Studying Even though you’ve likely taken dozens throughout your life, exams can be an incredibly stressful experience. At UCI, we understand that, so we also published 20 test-taking tips detailing how to prepare for an exam. In addition to using study apps, there are other important things to consider when studying … Read more

Sarah Lindenburgh – Graduate Highlight

Meet Sarah Lindenburgh, This Week’s Graduate Highlight! Sarah Lindenburgh’s journey through education took an exciting turn when she ventured into the halls of United Career Institute, a pivotal moment marking her first foray into college life. Prior to enrolling at UCI, Sarah had embraced the role of a dedicated stay-at-home mom. However, a yearning for … Read more

5 Questions To Help You Decide If It’s Time To Go Back To School

Are you ready to return to school? Have you been considering furthering your education but aren’t sure where to start? United Career Institute is here to help you determine if now is the right time for you to start an accelerated healthcare training program! UCI compiled five important questions you can ask yourself to help … Read more

Leslee Pope – Graduate Highlight

Meet Leslee Pope, This Week’s Graduate Spotlight! Leslee Pope’s journey through education and career development is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. A recent graduate of United Career Institute (UCI), Leslee’s path to success has been marked by both challenges and triumphs, ultimately leading her to a fulfilling career in the medical field. Leslee’s … Read more

Kelly Kaefer – Graduate Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Graduate Kelly Kaefer! Kelly Kaefer went to a community college and then a university right out of high school. She states, “It was a different experience than compared to now. I’d say I didn’t take it very seriously then.” Kelly decided to go to United Career Institute because she recently moved back … Read more

8 Tips for Choosing a Safe Place for Your Ongoing Education

Surely nothing is more important than ensuring safety in educational settings, so when it comes to choosing the right spot for your ongoing studies, be sure to opt for a safe place. Whether you are considering a university, college, or vocational school, it’s essential to prioritize your personal well-being and security. While the sizes of … Read more

Medical Assisting: Learning Hands-On Skills

Practicing Real-World Skills: Personal Protective Equipment Medical assisting students need to practice hands-on skills because it helps them develop the necessary skills to provide quality care to patients. The United Career Institute Medical Assisting program prepares students for real-world scenarios so they are ready to begin their healthcare career after graduation. A professor will evaluate … Read more

3 Tips For Choosing Your Career Path

You may not currently know what you want your career to be, and that is okay. Choosing your career path will significantly affect the rest of your life, so it should be a decision you do not make lightly. Thankfully, United Career Institute is here with a few tips to help you select your career … Read more