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The Rise of Online Education

The evolution of technology in recent years has transformed the world and the education landscape. The rise of online education, a product of these technological advancements, has revolutionized traditional brick-and-mortar schools, once the sole learning option. This shift has granted students unprecedented access and flexibility in their education, fundamentally changing how we learn. So, What … Read more

5 Tips To Get The Most From Career Management Services

Career Management Tips! Career management is a service we provide to our graduates that helps them get hired in jobs related to their field of study. Our programs, both on campus and online, are designed to meet the current needs of employers in your area. Graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce with practical training … Read more

Why Is Professional Development Important?

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Professional development is a journey that begins in the classroom and extends into your personal life and future career. As a student, you constantly challenge yourself to learn, gain skills, and experience new perspectives. Growth is crucial to becoming the best … Read more

Sam Dobson – Staff Highlight

Meet Career Management Director, Sam Dobson Sam Dobson began teaching eight years ago in the public school systems of West Virginia. A graduate of Concord University in southern West Virginia, Mr. Dobson is experienced at teaching all grades, from Pre-K to high school seniors. Sam switched to collegiate teaching when he started at United Career … Read more

How An Externship Can Help You Start Your Career

Are you looking to start your career in the healthcare field with as much experience as possible? If so, United Career Institute is where you can develop your skills, complete a real-world externship, expand your professional network, prepare for industry certifications*, and then earn your degree or diploma in two years or less! Read on … Read more

Top 6 Tips For High School Seniors Looking at Schools

Are you a high school senior considering your options for post-graduation?  United Career Institute presents our top 6 tips for high school seniors as they prepare for graduation and education beyond high school.  Continue reading to learn some helpful ideas to make the transition from high school to higher education easier! 1. Decide What Career … Read more

Why National Healthcareer Association Certifications Are Important

Updated Content 11/08/2023 Are you looking for a healthcare training program that provides you with valuable hands-on skills, classroom development, an externship, and preparation for industry-specific certification* exams? The United Career Institute has programs that fit your needs!  Continue reading to learn why a healthcare program that prepares you to sit for National Healthcareer Association … Read more

Explore Networking Opportunities with United Career Institute

Calling all current and future practical nurses and medical assistants! Are you aware of the hiring events in the area? United Career Institute networks with several employers in the area to stay up to date on any upcoming career fairs or hiring events. ProMedica Senior Care in Greentree recently hosted a Nursing Hiring Event on … Read more

Employer Relationships

The Importance of Employer Relationships Employer relationships are a crucial part of the real-world experience UCI students receive while enrolled in their program. United Career Institute prides itself on producing highly employable graduates and providing them with many options for employment. The staffing demands at many medical facilities are at an all-time high, and many … Read more

Our Career Services

UCI Career Management Services The Career Management department at United Career Institute provides all students and alumni with career services starting as soon as they walk in the door. These services include resume building, career preparation, interview skills training, job search assistance, and more. Kaitlyn Hawthorne, the Career Management Director for United Career Institute, is … Read more