Why Is Professional Development Important?

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Professional development is a journey that begins in the classroom and extends into your personal life and future career. As a student, you constantly challenge yourself to learn, gain skills, and experience new perspectives. Growth is crucial to becoming the best version of yourself. 

United Career Institute is here to help guide you along your professional journey, so keep reading to learn more about why this development is important!

Growth As A Student

Why is professional development importantGaining knowledge, skills, and experience is a student’s primary focus during their education. Spending time learning will give you the expertise to develop your professional career. Each lecture, lab, assignment, and clinical experience is an opportunity for intellectual growth. 

Throughout your education at United Career Institute, you can expect to step outside your comfort zone through hands-on clinical training in your desired field. Our clinical and lab experiences are led by seasoned instructors who guide you through the procedures you will complete in your future healthcare career. 

Being a student also allows you to forge professional relationships with peers, professors, mentors, and industry experts. Creating a professional network connects you with like-minded individuals who can offer support, recommendations, and potential job opportunities. The relationships you create while in school are invaluable. 

Additionally, students at United Career Institute benefit from our career management services, which support students throughout their time at UCI and beyond. These student services include resume writing assistance, externship placement, networking, and more. UCI alums also have lifelong access to this support should they need assistance with future job placement and brush-up courses* at United Career Institute as their industry evolves. 

Developing As A Professional

Transitioning from student life to professional life marks a new chapter in your growth journey. Once you have completed your education at United Career Institute, you are prepared to enter the healthcare field and begin your dream career. Although, your work is not done once you receive your degree or diploma. As a professional, it is essential to continue to develop and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The medical industry is constantly evolving, and as a healthcare professional, you must also evolve to keep up with the latest advancements. Continuously learning allows you to keep up with changes in your industry, important information, new techniques, and more. This can be through furthering your formal education, online courses, or professional workshops. 

Utilizing the network you developed during your education can also assist you after graduation. For example, making a great impression on the manager at your externship location could potentially lead to a job offer upon graduation. Additionally, finding a mentor within your industry can allow you to continue learning from an experienced professional who can strengthen your abilities. Asking for and taking constructive feedback from these individuals is also a great way to foster professional growth.

Finally, setting goals for yourself upon graduation is crucial to your success. Before graduation, think about what your career goal may be. Following our SMART goals guide is a great way to set and stick to a goal. The United Career Institute, career services department, is also available to provide personalized career planning to help you get on the right track to meet your goals. 

Embrace The Journey With United Career Institute!

Professional development is a lifelong process that begins in the classroom and continues throughout your career. As a UCI student, you lay the foundation for a successful career with hands-on skills, industry connections, and student support. Then, as a healthcare professional, you can navigate the medical field by continuously learning, utilizing your professional network, and setting goals. 

United Career Institute is here to help guide you to your dream career. Get started today by contacting our UCI admissions team by calling 866-UCIONLINE or requesting information!

* Career Management Services are subject to specific conditions and requirements and to continued campus operations. Please see the campus catalog for complete details.