Amanda Kozel – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Student Amanda Kozel

Amanda Kozel’s journey diverged from the traditional college path she initially envisioned. Despite never setting foot in a college classroom, her pursuit of a career took an unexpected turn in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After high school, Amanda dedicated a year to preparing for her college journey, aspiring to become a dental student. However, the pandemic disrupted her plans, prompting her to reassess her options. Navigating the uncertainties, she embarked on a quest to find an educational institution that accommodated her circumstances. During this exploration, United Career Institute emerged as the optimal choice.
Amanda Kozel - Student Highlight
What drew Amanda to UCI was its adaptation to the new normal, offering online classes that aligned with her work commitments. Fueled by her long-standing desire to enter the medical field, Amanda chose to enroll in UCI’s Clinical Medical Assistant program. This decision proved to be a perfect match for her post-COVID aspirations.

A key highlight of Amanda’s educational experience at UCI revolves around the clinical classes, where she immerses herself in hands-on learning. Jen Hamilton, her favorite teacher, played a pivotal role in making these classes not only educational but also enjoyable. Amanda’s preference leaned towards classes with a clinical component, especially those involving blood draws.

Looking ahead, Amanda envisions herself graduating and securing a fulfilling job in the medical field. Her goal is to find a position that brings her joy and paves the way for future success. In recommending UCI, Amanda emphasizes the exceptional support system provided by the staff. The responsiveness and helpfulness of the personnel stood out, making her educational journey smoother.

Amanda commends UCI not solely for its academic programs but also for cultivating an environment conducive to learning and personal development. UCI transcends its role as a mere educational institution, evolving into a platform where individuals flourish. The institution’s commitment goes beyond imparting knowledge and actively contributing to the holistic growth of its students. It serves as a nurturing space where students can not only acquire academic expertise but also foster essential skills and qualities vital for personal advancement. UCI’s dedication to creating a supportive and empowering atmosphere underscores its role as more than just an educational provider – it becomes a catalyst for the overall well-being and success of those who engage with its programs. In Amanda’s perspective, UCI stands out as a place where education extends beyond the curriculum, shaping individuals into well-rounded, thriving contributors to their fields and communities.

Reflecting on her time at UCI, Amanda cherishes the memories created during her clinical classes. The opportunity to connect with classmates, particularly those she rarely meets in person, added a layer of camaraderie to her educational experience. These moments of fun and collaboration became an integral part of Amanda’s favorite UCI memories.

As Amanda continues her educational journey at UCI, she is acquiring skills and building a foundation for a future that aligns with her passions. UCI’s flexible approach, supportive faculty, and engaging clinical classes have not only shaped Amanda’s academic pursuits but have also contributed to her personal and professional development. The unforeseen detour caused by the pandemic ultimately led Amanda to discover a path that resonates with her aspirations, proving that sometimes, the unexpected routes bring the most meaningful experiences.

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