Using Artificial Intelligence As A Student

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it can be difficult for students to utilize this helpful tool during their education. That’s why United Career Institute is here to help students understand AI, how to use it, and which of the many tools available works best for their needs.
Using Artificial Intelligence
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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, artificial intelligence is the capability of computer systems or algorithms to imitate intelligent human behavior. AI can be a helpful tool for many professions, including students. 

Artificial intelligence has a long history, dating back to 1955, when John McCarthy, one of the discipline’s pioneers, coined the terminology. AI’s dynamic and ongoing research and technological advancements continually shape its trajectory. The field’s future holds the promise of further breakthroughs, ethical considerations, and the integration of AI into various aspects of our daily lives with endless AI-powered tools available. 

What AI Tools Work Best For Students?

With the many AI tools available today, determining the best ones to use as a student can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are six AI tools and how they can be used in education:

  • Grammarly — Grammarly is a free tool for students that provides grammar checking and real-time feedback. It is available as a plug-in, which automatically checks work for spelling errors, grammatical errors, tone, and overall cohesiveness of a sentence. There is also a paid version that offers additional user benefits.
  • ChatGPT — ChatGPT is a free AI tool that has become popular recently. Users enter a prompt, and the tool generates a response using the information gathered from its internet database. It is especially useful to students, as it can provide information in a real-time, conversational way. ChatGPT also offers a paid version for added benefits. 
  • Gemini — Gemini is Google’s free AI tool that utilizes information in its database and on search engines, such as Google. Users can ask it a question or prompt, and the tool generates a response. Gemini can also connect to Google Drive, making it a helpful tool for students. 
  • Textero.ai — Textero.ai is another free tool for helping students create outlines and ideas for research papers and other writing assignments. This tool allows you to set specific parameters, including topic, word count, style, etc., and then generate a draft of the essay.
  • Tutorai.me — This free tool allows a student to search for a topic and complete training modules to learn more about that given topic. This can be particularly helpful in further developing the skills learned during the educational experience. 
  • Writely — Finally, Writely AI is a paid tool that provides writing assistance for formats such as essays, emails, and more. This tool also offers a collaborative team option for multiple users to work on a document together, which can be helpful for students working in a group setting. 

Tips For Using AI 

While artificial intelligence can be beneficial when checking grammar, generating ideas, and discovering specific information, it can also harm overall learning if used incorrectly. For example, the ability of AI to write full papers or finish assignments without actually understanding the material can be cause for concern. Luckily, many institutions have begun utilizing AI detectors to check students’ work for plagiarized content.

Artificial intelligence is an excellent tool for brainstorming ideas, asking questions, and proofreading. Plug-in options such as Grammarly or Wordtune also check for spelling and grammatical errors. Using an AI tool to assist in creating a first draft of an assignment can be a helpful starting point. Still, reviewing and editing the work before turning it in as your own is crucial. Not only is incorporating a human element into the writing important, but it is also vital that the material is actually learned. 

As a busy student, taking a shortcut and using an AI service to finish an assignment without thinking twice can be easy. Remember that your education is valuable, and each assignment presents a new opportunity to expand your knowledge! 

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