Student Success Story – Amanda St.Cyr

Student Success Story of the Month,
Amanda St.Cyr

Student Success Story - Amanda St.CyrAmanda St. Cyr embarked on her educational journey at United Career Institute after completing a few pre-requisite classes at another institution. Prior to venturing into academia, Amanda devoted six years to being a stay-at-home mom. Her decision to return to school coincided with her children starting their own educational journeys. A distinctive aspect of Amanda’s academic pursuit is her commitment to doing homework alongside her children, creating a shared learning experience that both she and her kids thoroughly enjoy.

The flexibility of UCI’s courses and scheduling played a pivotal role in Amanda’s decision to choose this institution. The accommodating nature of the classes aligned seamlessly with her responsibilities as a mother, making it a compelling choice. Moreover, UCI’s accreditation added a layer of assurance and credibility to her educational endeavors.

Motivated by a profound calling towards the healthcare sector, Amanda opted for the Clinical Medical Assistant program at UCI. This choice aligned with her passion and provided a solid foundation for potential future endeavors, such as advancing her education in the Practical Nursing program. The versatility and comprehensive nature of the medical assisting training program appealed to Amanda, offering her a well-rounded educational experience.

Post-graduation, Amanda envisions exploring various job opportunities to discern her best fit while maintaining her current position. Currently employed as a Med Tech at Easy Living Country Estates, she aspires to carve a niche for herself within the medical field. Whether through continuous employment at her current workplace or furthering her education, Amanda is determined to establish a reputable presence in the healthcare domain.

Reflecting on her academic journey, Amanda expresses utmost satisfaction with her professors at UCI. Dr. Eagle and Jen Hamilton stand out as exemplary mentors, earning praise for their approachability and personable nature. Amanda acknowledges their pivotal role in her academic success, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth.

One of Amanda’s standout experiences at UCI was her Pharmacology class, which she fondly recalls as her favorite. Delving into the intricacies of different medications and their names, she found the subject matter fascinating. This enthusiasm and interest in learning underscore the effectiveness of the educational experience provided by UCI.

Amanda’s positive experience at UCI has left an indelible mark, prompting her to wholeheartedly recommend the institution to others. She highlights the exceptional quality of professors and the unparalleled flexibility of courses as a winning combination. For anyone seeking a well-rounded education that accommodates a busy schedule, UCI emerges as an unbeatable choice in Amanda’s eyes.

Amanda St.Cyr’s experience at UCI stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to flexibility, quality education, and cultivating a supportive learning atmosphere. Choosing UCI was a strategic decision for Amanda, considering the institution’s accommodating courses and scheduling that seamlessly aligned with her responsibilities as a mother. Opting for the Medical Assisting program, Amanda fulfilled her passion for healthcare and acquired a solid foundation for potential future advancements.

UCI’s professors, notably Dr. Eagle and Jen Hamilton, played a pivotal role in Amanda’s academic journey, earning praise for their approachability and personable nature. Her favorite class, Pharmacology, left a lasting impression, showcasing the depth of her interest in learning about various medications.

As Amanda nears graduation, her positive experiences and the knowledge gained at UCI position her optimistically for a flourishing career in the medical field. With the invaluable skills acquired, Amanda is poised to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector, either through continuous employment or further educational pursuits. Overall, Amanda’s UCI journey epitomizes the institution’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and supportive educational experience.

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