5 Questions To Help You Decide If It’s Time To Go Back To School

Are You Ready To Go Back To School

Are you ready to return to school? Have you been considering furthering your education but aren’t sure where to start? United Career Institute is here to help you determine if now is the right time for you to start an accelerated healthcare training program!

UCI compiled five important questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if it’s time for you to return to school. Continue reading and ask yourself these questions to help you along your educational journey!

1. Have you advanced as far as possible in your current job?

There comes a point in many working people’s lives when they realize they have exhausted all advancement opportunities in their current job. For example, say you have been working at a retail store, moving from an associate to a manager, but you feel like that is as far as you can go. It can be challenging to make any further progress in your career if you feel stuck in your position; however, a career in healthcare can open the door to endless opportunities. 

Ask yourself: Do I want to advance further than this job allows? If you answer yes, attending a healthcare training program could be a natural next step in your career.

2. Are you eager to learn?

Do you find yourself consistently reading news articles, watching videos, seeking conversation with those in a healthcare profession, or following informational social media accounts? If learning outside of the classroom is something that comes naturally to you, that could mean that your brain is yearning for more knowledge! 

Ask yourself: Can I see myself learning healthcare materials in a classroom and then applying them in real-world settings? If this sounds like something that interests you, then United Career Institute has a hands-on training program for you.

3. Are you responsible?

Choosing to attend school is a life-changing decision, and the time and financial commitments are not something you should take lightly. Many students decide to attend larger schools and, for whatever reason, do not complete their schooling and are now stuck with mounds of student debt. 

Before diving in head-first, ask yourself: Am I responsible enough to get the most out of my education by attending classes and labs, completing my assignments, and studying the material? If your answer is yes, one of UCI’s accelerated career training programs may be an excellent fit for you.

4. Do you want a more fulfilling career?

Have you found yourself daydreaming about what your life could be like if you were in a more challenging and rewarding career? You may even start feeling excited or anxious to get things moving.

Ask yourself: Will changing my career give me more satisfaction in my life? If your answer is yes, then returning to school to train for a healthcare career might be a great way to challenge yourself and improve your life!

5. Can you afford to go to school?

The financial commitment of attending school can be daunting, but United Career Institute helps each student develop a financial plan they are comfortable with. With access to a trained financial aid team member, you will discuss financial aid*, grant opportunities**, loans, and more to help you find a way to pay for your education. 

Ask yourself: Am I comfortable setting up a financial plan to help me finance my education? If your answer is yes, the UCI financial aid team will help you establish a plan so you can achieve your goals. 

Are You Ready To Return To School?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, now might be the right time for you to return to school at United Career Institute

Take the first step today by calling the UCI admissions team at 724-515-2440 or Requesting Information

*For those who qualify.
**For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.