Online 18-Month Medical Billing/Administration Program

Medical billers and administrators keep healthcare facilities running behind the scenes. These billers and administrators do most of the communication between providers, insurance companies, and patients. Students enrolled in our Online Medical Billing/Administration program will learn about the healthcare industry by taking medical terminology, electronic health records, and medical topics.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2020 to 2030, the employment outlook for these skilled medical records and health information specialists is expected to increase.

UCI Online offers a WE CARE approach that allows us to work more one-on-one with our students. Our organization is centered around WE CARE, which makes up our core values. Students are supported at every step as they develop intellectually, mentally, emotionally, and vocationally.

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– Chloe Vokes, United Student

What You’ll Learn In Our Online Medical Billing/Administration Program

The training you receive from UCI Online is versatile, so graduates have a wide range of skills when they enter the job market. Some of these skills include:

  • Maintaining Electronic Health Records
  • Transcribing Medical Charts
  • Understanding HIPAA Guidelines
  • Using Electronic Health Records
  • Coordinating Patient Visits
  • Performing Basic Coding
  • Processing Insurance
  • Handling Billing

In 18 months, graduates receive an associate degree designed to prepare them for an entry-level career in medical billing. Let UCI Online help prepare you for your future. Take the first step today and request information!

Student Services That Help Students Succeed

The faculty and administration at UCI Online understand that students need to be able to balance their education and career goals with family and work responsibilities. That is why our students are treated as individuals, and our school provides many resources to help them succeed.

  • Student Support
  • Counseling Referrals
  • Financial Literacy Exposure
  • Flexibility
  • Externships
  • Career Services
  • Grants/Scholarships*
  • Financial Aid**

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*Grants/Scholarships available to those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.
**For those who qualify.

Medical Billing/Administration Externship and Certification

UCI Online’s Medical Billing/Administration program is career-focused. Students’ classes help them develop their skills and prepare them intellectually to go into an externship.

Externships are placements in a medical billing working environment that gives them real-world knowledge of what billers and administrative professionals do daily.

This will occur toward the end of the program, and a UCI Online career services team member will assist you in finding a location.

Students enrolled in our online school can work with instructors to best prepare them for their certification exam at the conclusion of the program.

Certifications demonstrate to employers that the potential employee has the knowledge and understanding needed for day-to-day operations and can perform the basic duties within the scope of the position.

Upon graduation, graduates may sit for the following National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification exams:

  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant*
  • Certified Billing and Coding Specialist**
  • Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist**

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*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam. Required/ Included in Tuition/Fees.
**Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam. Optional at own expense.

“The teachers and the staff here really go above and beyond to help their students and peers to achieve their goal. I’m just blessed I was accepted into such a wonderful environment.”

– Desiree Miley, United Graduate

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