Dakotah Lewis – Graduate Highlight

Meet Practical Nursing Graduate
Dakotah Lewis!

Dakotah Lewis - Graduate HighlightDakotah Lewis began her educational journey with a series of disappointments and missteps before she found her true calling at United Career Institute (UCI). Having previously attended a community college and a university, she had embarked on a path that didn’t align with her true aspirations. Dakotah had chosen these institutions for the wrong reasons and found herself disenchanted with her educational experience and the subjects she was studying.

At the time, Dakotah was gainfully employed as a patient care technician in a hospital, a role she still held during her tenure at UCI. However, she felt a deep desire for a career change and knew that pursuing a career in nursing was her ultimate goal. It was this aspiration that led her to UCI, a decision that she made after careful consideration of various factors, including class sizes and program duration. Dakotah’s primary objective was to complete her education quickly and gain essential experience and knowledge before embarking on another journey toward becoming a Registered Nurse.

Upon enrolling in UCI’s Practical Nursing program, Dakotah felt a renewed sense of purpose. She had encountered setbacks along her academic journey, but she was determined to persevere and find an alternative route to her desired profession. UCI became the platform where she believed she could make her dreams a reality. During her time at UCI, Dakotah identified a key source of inspiration and support in Stacey, one of her instructors.

Stacey played a pivotal role in Dakotah’s educational journey, constantly motivating and providing unwavering assistance whenever it was needed. Dakotah fondly recalls how Stacey stood by her side through moments of frustration, complaints, and even tears, reinforcing her belief in Dakotah’s potential. Dakotah remains deeply appreciative of this unwavering support and faith in her abilities. Stacey’s mentorship and guidance were instrumental in Dakotah’s successful program completion.

Now a UCI graduate, Dakotah has entered a new phase of her life. With her practical nursing diploma, she can enjoy a more balanced lifestyle with more time for rest. With her commitment to fitness and her dedication to preparing for the NCLEX*, the next step in her educational journey, Dakotah’s experiences at UCI have not only equipped her with the skills and knowledge required for her career but have also instilled in her the importance of perseverance and the value of having a support system that believes in her potential.

Dakotah’s positive experience at UCI has left an indelible mark on her; she is enthusiastic about sharing her journey with others. She wholeheartedly recommends United Career Institute to anyone considering a similar path. For Dakotah, one of the standout features of UCI is the combination of small class sizes and flexible schedules. She emphasizes that the dedication of the faculty and staff at UCI sets the institution apart from her previous educational experiences.

“Everyone at United Career Institute really wants you to succeed and is there to help and genuinely cares,” Dakotah remarks. She adds, “I felt comfortable going to anyone about any concerns or questions I had. Compared to other schools I’ve been to, it really makes a difference having people who care.”

Dakotah’s story is about resilience, determination, and the transformative power of finding the right educational institution and mentorship. Her journey from dissatisfaction and uncertainty to fulfillment and confidence is a testament to the profound impact of the right educational environment and supportive faculty. United Career Institute played a pivotal role in helping Dakotah Lewis realize her dream of becoming a nurse, and her success story continues to inspire others to pursue their aspirations with dedication and enthusiasm.

*Passing the NLEX-PN exam is required to become a Practical Nurse.