United Career Institute’s Favorite Christmas Carols

‘Tis the season for holiday magic! The chilly breeze carries the sweet scent of baked treats while houses dazzle with an array of twinkling lights. A symphony of cheerful tunes fills the air, becoming the soundtrack of the season. Christmas carols are the heart and soul of the festivities, with each of us having our all-time favorites that we joyfully belt out, weaving a beautiful tapestry of memories to cherish year after year.UCI's Favorite Christmas Carols

From oldies to modern hits, the United Career Institute staff share their favorite tunes and why they love them.

Mikenzie Warth, UCI High School Admissions Team Member

For Mikenzie, her favorite song has stuck with her since she was a child. The traditional English Here We Come A-Caroling, also known as Here We Come A-Wassailing, is a tradition similar to caroling, where neighbors go house-to-house singing and offering a drink from the wassail bowl in exchange for gifts. 

Melissa Yanego, UCI Staff

Melissa’s favorite Christmas tune comes from back in elementary school. The classic Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree was one of the songs she performed in a choir Christmas show. She loves it because of its cheerful lyrics and upbeat tune. “I remember practicing it and having so much fun with friends at school learning the routine,” she said.

Emma Cannon, UCI Staff

Emma’s favorite carol is the classic Jingle Bells! An excellent choice for a favorite, it is a staple song you’ll hear throughout the holiday season. Complete with catchy lyrics that are perfect for adults and children alike, Emma and her sisters would sing this carol on the way to their grandma’s house every year when she was a little girl. Now, she loves creating special memories by singing it with her son yearly.

Addie Papalia, UCI Admissions Team Member

For Addie, the song What Would Santa Claus Say? by Louis Prima reminds her of the joy of being a child on Christmas morning. “Every Christmas morning, my dad would go downstairs before everyone else, turn on all the Christmas lights, and turn on an old record player with a bunch of old Big Band Christmas vinyl,” she said. “The first song would always be Louis Prima, so it reminds me of the anticipation of waiting to run down the stairs and open presents.”

Beverly Smith, UCI Admissions Team Member

Beverly’s favorite Christmas carol holds a special place in her heart, as it was performed by her children. The classic Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is a popular song for school Christmas programs, but what makes it special for Beverly is that both of her children got to be Rudolph in their performances, “which was pretty neat because they are 3.5 years apart,” she said. 

Amanda Sanko, UCI Staff

For Amanda, Christmas is a time of love, hope, and redemption, and her favorite holiday song fits those themes. While Amazing Grace is not a typical Christmas carol, its timeless message makes it a meaningful addition to a holiday celebration soundtrack. Amanda loves this song because it reminds her of a memory of a special gift to loved ones. “I took piano lessons for over ten years, and I have a vivid memory of finally learning to play Amazing Grace by memory and was able to play it for my grandma and great-grandma,” she said. “They both would listen to the song on repeat on their cassette player, so it was a special gift I could give them.”

Kenzie Sullivan, UCI Staff

Kenzie’s favorite holiday song is the 2019 Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift. While this song is much newer than some of the more traditional Christmas carols, it has risen in popularity to become a modern-day classic. The song opens with a scene of being stuck in traffic due to holiday shopping, but then it transports you to a cheerful Christmas tree farm. “I love this song because it really embodies the magic of Christmas,” she said. “Taylor Swift’s lyrics make you feel like you are there with her.”

United Career Institute Wishes You A Happy Holiday Season!

We hope your holidays will be filled with good cheer, great company, delicious food, and all the special moments that make Christmas unforgettable!

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