United Career Institute’s Favorite Holiday Traditions

Favorite Holiday Traditions

As this year’s holiday season swiftly approaches, our students would like to take a moment to share their favorite holiday traditions and reflect on their happiest memories surrounding this magical time of year. Read on to discover some of the United Career Institute family’s most-loved yuletide celebrations! 

Bobbi Meisinger – Practical Nursing Student

Bobbi’s favorite Christmas Eve tradition is one in which her entire family gets involved. In a secret Santa-style gift exchange they call “Kris Kringle,” each family member draws a name for who they will buy for. This tradition is Bobbi’s favorite for many reasons, including watching her family members buy thoughtful gifts, adding her brother-in-law’s as the family grows, and guessing who has who.

Maliyah Loughner – Practical Nursing Student

The beautiful light shows make the holidays most magical for Maliyah, and it is her favorite thing to do with her family around Christmas time. Driving around to see the holiday lights while listening to Christmas music with her loved ones is something her family has been doing since she was a baby. What makes it even more special is that her great-grandfather hand-made his Christmas lights. She describes her favorite memory of being when her family went on a trip to a farm that had a drive-through light show complete with music played through the radio. It included pictures with Santa, letters to Santa station, and a make-your-own hot chocolate bar.

Anna Wisniewski – Practical Nursing Student

For Anna, the holidays are a way to acknowledge her Polish heritage. Making homemade pierogies every year allows her to spend time with her family and reconnect with her roots. The tradition of making holiday pierogies has been passed down through European countries for centuries. In her own family, the tradition started before she was born. Anna describes her favorite memory of making Christmas pierogies as the year she made her first pierogi with her pap. 

Dakotah Lewis – Practical Nursing Student

Spending quality time with family is Dakotah’s favorite holiday tradition. Every other year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, her family gets together for dinner and exchanges gifts, making the time they spend together even more special. Dakotah says this is her favorite way to spend the holidays and that her grandma loves having the family together on one of her favorite holidays. Her favorite memory of this tradition was last Thanksgiving when her family got together to enjoy family time, taking pictures, laughing, and making memories.

Karley Spudy – Practical Nursing Student

For Karley, her favorite Christmas tradition is to find the hidden Christmas pickle ornament. Like many, Karley is unsure of why this tradition started in her household, but the Christmas pickle tradition has been popular in Germany for centuries! This holiday tradition is her favorite because she is very competitive. Karley’s most cherished memory is when she found the Christmas pickle for the first time. 

Jasmine Diaz – Practical Nursing Student

In Jasmine’s household, her most loved Christmas tradition is opening one present, pajamas, on Christmas Eve with her husband and children. Then, on Christmas morning, her family makes cinnamon buns every year. She says that her grandmother always made cinnamon buns, and the tradition has now been passed down through three generations. Jasmine believes there is no greater feeling on Christmas than becoming a parent and watching your children share the same joys you did as a child.

Happy Holidays from United Career Institute!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the United Career Institute’s student’s most cherished holiday traditions! The UCI family hopes everyone has a safe and happy holiday season making precious memories with loved ones!