5 Reasons You Should Start Your Medical Office Administration Career with UCI Online

Updated Content 11/08/2023

Thinking about a medical office administration career?

Have you considered starting your medical office administration career but need a school to help you achieve your goals? United Career Institute offers online programs that are an excellent option for students who want to advance their careers but need to balance their personal lives with their education. 

Continue reading to learn more about why you should begin training toward a medical career with UCI Online’s Medical Office Administration program!
5 Reasons You Should Start Your Medical Office Administration Career with UCI Online

1. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

By completing your medical office training at UCI Online, you can complete your program in just 18 months in an accelerated format. Because of United Career Institute’s unique approach to education, students will complete their classroom instruction virtually, and then apply the skills they learn to interactive lab experiences. Toward the end of their program, students will benefit from gaining real-world experience during an externship with a local healthcare facility to solidify the skills learned during their education. 

2. You’ll have versatility.

UCI Online’s Medical Office Administration program prepares students for various tasks they could perform in their medical careers. Students can expect to complete classroom instruction to learn concepts such as electronic health record systems, transcribing medical charts, basic coding, HIPAA guidelines, billing, processing insurance, etc. Students will then practice applying these skills during interactive virtual experiences to simulate the medical office. 

3. You’ll make a difference behind the scenes.

Medical office professionals are an essential part of the healthcare team. However, patients may not always see them when visiting a medical clinic. A medical billing and administration career allows you to work behind the scenes to impact the patient’s experience. This could include managing communication between insurance companies and providers, updating electronic health records, scheduling visits, and other administrative tasks. 

4. You’ll prepare to sit for certifications.

Another benefit to attending UCI’s online program is preparation for National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification* exams are incorporated into your program’s curriculum. For example, in the medical office administration courses, students can expect to learn the skills necessary to be successful in their career but also be prepared to sit for the following NHA certification exams: Certified Medical Administrative Assistant*, Certified Billing and Coding Specialist**, Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist**.

Earning certifications is essential for those in the healthcare field because they show employers that you have been evaluated by a third-party organization and meet industry standards of knowledge. These certifications can also give you a competitive advantage when entering the workforce, unlike other applicants who may not have those certifications.

5. You’ll have a strong support network.

Students at United Career Institute can expect to complete their education with staff and faculty in their corner. Among the many smiling faces you will encounter during your time at UCI Online, the career management team is one that can be helpful from day one. Students benefit from career management services, including resume-building tips, interview prep, externship organizing, career advising, and more. 

The support you receive at UCI doesn’t stop when you cross the stage at graduation; as a United Career Institute alumni, you have access to a lifetime of career management support. These services can include participation in career fairs, resume help, job placement support, and industry refresher courses.

Ready to get started?

Have you decided to start your training toward a career as a medical office professional? UCI Online’s admissions team is ready to help you get started today by calling 866-UCIONLINE or Requesting Information!


*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding certification exam. Required/Included in Tuition/Fees.
**Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding certification exam. Optional at own expense.