The 5 Best Study Apps For Students

Things To Consider When Studying

Even though you’ve likely taken dozens throughout your life, exams can be an incredibly stressful experience. At UCI, we understand that, so we also published 20 test-taking tips detailing how to prepare for an exam. In addition to using study apps, there are other important things to consider when studying for a test. Continue reading to find out what we recommend as the top five best study apps out there for students!

The first and probably the most significant thing to consider is the importance of proper nutrition and rest. Ensure you eat a decent meal and get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before an exam. Also, make sure that you study for at least a few days before the exam. It is best not to try to study everything the night before the exam. Our last general tip is to take advantage of the resources around you. Your phone provides you with instant access to a ton of information. Using technology to your advantage can help you prepare for your next exam.

Best Study Apps

Best Study Apps For Students
Best Study Apps For Students

While study apps are a valuable tool, it is crucial to make sure that you use what works best for you. If you find that studying on your phone distracts you, doing what works best for you is perfectly fine.

That said, study apps can be a beneficial study tool that makes it possible for you to study anywhere and any place. Instead of having to take your heavy backpack filled with your books and laptop to study, you can use your phone, something you already take everywhere, to study. Here are UCI’s best free-to-use study apps for students.


One of the best apps on the market is Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to create easy flashcards that you can use to study. It also allows you to access flashcard sets that others have taken, which can help to make learning easier. However, some of Quizlet’s more valuable features, specifically the practice tests, have been locked behind a paywall. Still, Quizlet remains a valuable study tool for any exam.

Flashcards Plus

Similarly to Quizlet, Flashcards Plus, an app on the Google Play Store, allows you to make flashcards to study. Unlike Quizlet, you are able to put pictures on your flashcards, which can be especially helpful in science-related classes. This means that Flashcards Plus can serve as a free alternative to Quizlet. Also, you can generate and take practice exams through this app.


Brainly is an app that allows you to ask questions to people that they can answer. It’s likely that the question is already asked and answered, but in the case that it’s not, you can post a question you have about something for other people to answer. Then, people can answer the question and hopefully help you move on.

Google Drive

Although not directly a study app, the Google Drive app is incredibly useful; if you take your notes on a computer, you can take them on Google Docs. You can easily access your notes anytime and anywhere through the Google Drive app. Carrying around your phone is much lighter and more manageable than carrying around your notebook.

Google Calendar

Even though it is another app that is not directly for studying, we highly recommend Google Calendar. You can use Google Calendar to keep track of all your assignments and exams. Being organized is incredibly influential on your performance on tests. Besides, what good would it be to study for the wrong test?

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