Medical Coding Program Student – Mia Angelo

Meet Online Medical Coding Program Student Mia Angelo!

Mia Angelo embarked on a transformative journey as a first-time college student, enrolling at United Career Institute (UCI) to pursue a degree in Medical Coding. Her path to UCI was uniquely inspired by her prior experience working in home care, where she dedicated herself to caring for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This meaningful experience kindled Mia’s passion for the healthcare sector, ultimately shaping her career aspirations.

Mia Angelo - Medical Coding Program Student Highlight

What sets UCI apart in Mia’s eyes is its specialized focus on preparing students for their chosen fields. Unlike other institutions that often require a plethora of unnecessary courses, UCI’s curriculum is tailored specifically to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their chosen careers. Mia values the fact that UCI doesn’t simply push students into the professional world unprepared; instead, it nurtures their growth and development.

Mia’s decision to enroll in the Medical Coding program was driven not only by her growing interest in healthcare but also by its compatibility with her life at the time. She recognized it as a viable path to enter the healthcare industry and viewed it as a stepping stone for further education. This strategic approach to her education reflects Mia’s determination to enhance her qualifications and broaden her horizons continually.

One of Mia’s most cherished aspects of her UCI experience was her externship, where she had the opportunity to apply her knowledge in real-world healthcare settings. These hands-on experiences allowed her to connect with patients and healthcare professionals alike. Meeting the individuals behind the names she had encountered during her studies was particularly rewarding for Mia. It humanized her learning experience and reinforced the importance of her chosen career path.

The responsiveness of her teachers at UCI was another significant aspect of Mia’s positive experience. She noted that she could easily reach out to them and receive timely assistance. This level of support and accessibility further enriched her educational journey and fostered a conducive learning environment.

Among the various courses she completed at UCI, the ICD-10 class stood out as Mia’s favorite. This course focused on honing the skills necessary for the medical coding profession, providing practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Mia found herself frequently utilizing the materials from this class in real-world scenarios, solidifying her grasp of the subject matter.

Reflecting on her overall experience, Mia expressed her willingness to refer others to UCI, highlighting its flexibility and the commitment of its staff. UCI’s programs seamlessly accommodated Mia’s role as a stay-at-home mom, allowing her to balance her educational pursuits with her family responsibilities. She recognized this adaptability as a hallmark feature of a school genuinely dedicated to its students’ success.

Mia Angelo’s journey at UCI has been one of personal and professional growth. She has managed to harmonize her roles as a mother and a student, utilizing UCI’s support and specialized curriculum to achieve her academic and career goals. Mia’s fondest memories include the externship experience that bridged the gap between theory and practice, as well as the personal connections she formed with her teachers. In her own words, “At UCI, the teachers are great, and the facility is great, and it is a wonderful place to work with.”

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