What Makes A Good LPN?

What makes a good lpn 1Have you considered a career in healthcare as a practical nurse but are wondering what qualities a good LPN has? United Career Institute is here to help train you to become a practical nurse that serves your community! 

Continue reading to learn the qualities that United Career Institute practical nursing graduates will be able to apply to the workforce!

You’re Focused On Your Patients

As a practical nurse working in the field, you can expect to have many responsibilities and a large workload at any given time. Although you may have to juggle many tasks each day, it is important that you give your patient your full attention whenever you are interacting with them. A strategy to help you balance your tasks with the human aspect of your nursing is to clear your mind before entering the room. 

Making your patient feel like they are your sole priority is a quality that a good practical nurse possesses. 

You’re Empathetic

Nurses can often be put into emotional situations and feel connections to their patients as they work with them and get to know them. Establishing soft skills such as communication and empathy are skills that future nurses often already have but are molded and developed during their schooling. 

Empathy is an essential skill in making patients feel comfortable during their time at any medical facility.

You Connect With Your Patients

Practical nurses can be the primary contact between the patient and the rest of the healthcare team, so it is important that they connect with the patient. Connecting on a human level shows the patient they are more than just a medical case. A great way to do this is by sharing stories and local news or simply listening to them as they share aspects of their lives. 

Connecting with your patients gives you a better understanding of their needs and allows you to advocate for them regarding medical procedures and information.

You’re Prepared

As a United Career Institute practical nursing student, you are prepared to enter the workforce with the soft skills mentioned above and the essential nursing skills you need to succeed in the field. UCI’s program is designed to get you ready to enter your new career as a practical nurse in only 12 months, equipped with knowledge learned through classroom instruction, patient-care skills practiced during lab and clinical rotations, and prepared to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam*. 

United Career Institute students and alums have access to our career service department. Our career services department can assist with academic planning, career preparation, and finding positions after graduation.

Can You See Yourself As A Practical Nurse?

Do you see yourself working in the field as a practical nurse? If so, then United Career Institute has the accelerated program for you! Check out our comprehensive, ultimate Guide to a Career in Practical Nursing to learn more about this exciting career path!

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*Passing the NCLEX-PN exam is required to become a Practical Nurse.