Olivia Williams – Student Highlight

Meet Clinical Medical Assistant Student Olivia Williams!

UCI Blog Olivia Williams

Before attending United Career Institute, Olivia Williams attended another community college in an attempt to get a degree. However, she wanted to pursue more. Before deciding to attend UCI Irwin, Olivia was a full-time mom to a newborn. She was debating whether it was the right time for her to return to school for the second time.

Olivia chose to attend UCI Irwin because she wanted to earn a degree, continue her education, and prove to her daughter that you can go back to school at any age. She specifically chose the medical assisting path to jump-start her career in the medical field without having to take nursing entry exams.

Olivia’s favorite part of attending UCI Irwin has been the fast-paced courses, the friends she has gained, and the staff she encountered. “My favorite teachers have been Sherri Steele, Kelly Shriver, Kelly Clark, Arnold Thimons, Harrison Hess, Dr. Casey Eagle, Carrie Friend, Lakelyn Denny, Stacy Davis, and Jennifer Hamilton. They all cared about my education and made learning easy and fun for all of us,” said Olivia.

She is most excited about her phlebotomy coursework! “It is more hands-on, which works for me. I became more passionate about drawing blood because without blood draws and the lab, doctors would not be able to diagnose their patients. Plus, the phlebotomy course taught all of us how to properly insert needles into our patients,” said Olivia.

After graduating, Olivia has already secured a job working as a Phlebotomist for Excela Health. She is also considering returning to school for a nursing degree. Olivia says she would absolutely recommend UCI Irwin to any friend who is looking for a small classroom environment and a fast-paced program!

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