Everything You Need To Know About Externships At United Career Institute

A key component of United Career Institute’s medical training programs includes externships with a local healthcare facility. As each student progresses through their program, they will develop the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their careers. By completing an externship at the end of their program, UCI students will feel confident in their ability to work in a real-world environment.

Want to know more about externships? Then, keep reading as United Career Institute answers some common questions regarding externships!

Externships at United Career Institute

What Is An Externship?

An externship experience is a period of time towards the end of their United Career Institute medical program where students will work at local healthcare facilities to gain hands-on experience in their designated field of study. This opportunity allows students to build relationships with employers in their community, and enhance the skills they have learned in the classroom and lab by working alongside industry professionals.

Can You Put An Externship On Your Resume?

Absolutely! In fact, externship experiences are often seen by employers as job interviews. During their externship, the student will be evaluated in both clinical and soft skills to determine how they might fit in with the company culture as a possible full-time team member. Externships also provide the student with the necessary hands-on experience that employers look for in a candidate, which can put them ahead of other potential candidates who may not have completed an externship.

What Is The Difference Between An Externship and An Internship? 

While externship and internship sound similar, they often have different outcome goals for the student. An internship can be considered an entry-level position, whereas an externship can focus more on a specific skill or trade. For example, an externship for a medical office administration student could focus on hands-on experience in medical charting, coordinating patient visits, performing billing and coding, and more. 

How Do Externships Prepare Students For Their Careers?

Externships provide students with hands-on, real-world experience that is impossible to replicate through classroom instruction and lab training. Not only is the student applying the skills they have learned in their education, but they are also learning the inner workings of a medical facility, interacting with the existing staff, and gaining the confidence they need to be successful in their career. As a result, students can expect to complete their externship and feel prepared to start their careers in a medical facility. 

How Long Are Externships?

The time UCI students can expect to spend in their externship experience can vary based on the program they are completing. For example, a phlebotomy technician student at United Career Institute may complete a 2-week long externship, while a medical assisting student may complete a 12-week externship. While different programs have different set amounts of time required for every externship, we still encourage students to spend their time at the medical facility gaining as much experience as possible. 

How To Find An Externship Site?

Luckily for United Career Institute students, an externship experience is automatically built into their program’s curriculum. This means that they will work with our skilled career management department to find a medical facility where they will complete their externship. As a result, UCI students can complete their externships at trusted local facilities, including Excela Health, Allegheny Health Network, UPMC, Premier Medical Associates, and more. Without the support of local employers, these hands-on opportunities would not be possible.

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