Self-Care for Students

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Selfcare is important for everyone because you can’t pour from an empty cup. If you want to be there for yourself and others, be mentally and physically fit, and achieve your goals and dreams, you have to practice self-care.

It is essential that students practice good self-care. Making yourself and your wellness a priority, taking care of your physical health, and taking care of your mental health are all critical to having good self-care!

Make yourself and your wellness a priority

Prioritizing yourself and your wellness is essential to practice good self-care as a student. One great way to prioritize yourself is by setting healthy boundaries and practicing good time management. You can do this by clearly stating what you do and do not have time for and holding yourself accountable for it. This will help to keep you from overcommitting yourself and then not having enough time to get everything done, which leads to stress and overwhelm.

Communicating your needs to others is another great way to prioritize yourself. For example, as a student, you may need quiet time at home and to put your phone on do not disturb in order to study for a few hours. Whatever it is you need, make sure to communicate it to your family, friends, and teachers so that they can best support you.

As you practice good time management, be sure to schedule time for yourself to unwind. Do something you love or something that relaxes you, like taking a long bath, reading a book, or listening to music. It may seem counterproductive to take breaks when you have a lot to do, but your mind does not function well when you are stressed out and overwhelmed, so taking time to unwind is very beneficial.

Creating self-care and wellness goals for yourself can help you stay on track. For example, you could create a goal to take a 10-minute walk each day around lunchtime. Or maybe you spend 5 minutes a day meditating and focusing on your breathing. Whatever self-care goal you choose, make sure you stick to it.

Take care of your physical health

Taking care of your physical health is an essential aspect of self-care. One great way to take care of yourself is to eat nutritious and healthy foods. Your body needs specific vitamins and minerals to function properly, and if you’re not getting enough of them, it can negatively affect you. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Your body will thank you.

Getting enough sleep is critical to practicing good self-care and performing at your best each day. There are many benefits to getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. According to health.gov, getting an adequate amount of sleep can help you reduce stress and improve your mood, think more clearly, make better decisions, and get sick less often.

Staying active is another great way to take care of your physical health. Exercise helps to reduce stress and keep your body in shape. Spending time outdoors is an easy way to stay active and get your exercise.

Practicing yoga regularly is a great form of self-care. Many yoga poses focus on stretching and breathing, which are excellent ways to relax and reduce stress. Find a friend to be your yoga buddy and go to a class or do an at-home yoga practice using YouTube videos such as Yoga with Adriene.

Take care of your mental health

Making your mental health a priority is crucial to properly caring for yourself. Having poor mental health can affect many areas of your life, including your physical health, relationships, career, and everything else. Luckily, there are many things you can do to take care of your mental health.

In today’s world, information is everywhere, and you are exposed to it all day long. This can become overwhelming and stressful if you’re not carefully controlling the type of information you consume. Think about the things you watch, the things you read, and the things you listen to. Are these things helping you relax or causing you stress? Are they encouraging you or causing you to be fearful? Make intentional decisions on the type of information you want to consume.

If you are overwhelmed by social media, take a break from it. Social media is always on, and it can be stressful to try and keep up with it. Doing things like scheduling breaks from social media and turning your notifications off for apps that aren’t essential can go a long way in reducing stress caused by social media.

Creating a support system to talk to can be extremely helpful for keeping your mental health in a good place. It’s easy to feel alone when you’re stressed out or overwhelmed, so having your support system there when you need them is important. Family, friends, or a therapist are all great examples of people who could be in your personal support system.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness are great ways to help you relax and care for your mental health. Meditation helps you focus, reduces stress, and can help you get better sleep. There are many meditation videos on YouTube you could try, or you could use an app like Calm or Headspace.

Choose a supportive school

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