4 Tips For High School Seniors Choosing A School In 2021

This school year has been very different for high school seniors, but one thing has not changed: each of you must decide what you’re going to do after you graduate from high school. Graduating in the middle of a pandemic can seem scary and be filled with uncertainty. At United Career Institute, we are here … Read more

The Top 4 Benefits of Choosing A Small School

Updated content on 6/28/2023 So you’ve made the important decision to pursue a new career in healthcare, and you are now ready to make your dream a reality. Starting a career in healthcare requires you to have some type of specialized training for the field you want to work in. Choosing the right institution for … Read more

Jessica Snyder – Student Highlight

Jessica Snyder was one of the first students to enroll at the United Career Institute Irwin campus! She is currently excelling in our Medical Assisting program. She chose medical assisting because she has a passion for helping people and has always wanted to work in the healthcare field. Jessica said, “I feel becoming a medical … Read more

Medical Assisting Training Teaches Hands-On Skills for Blood Pressure Procedure

Students in the Medical Assisting program at United Career Institute receive hands-on medical assisting training learning the proper procedure to take a patient’s blood pressure. Blood pressure is the pressure or force of blood pushing on the walls of blood vessels. As your heart beats, it pumps blood through your arteries, and this is how … Read more

How to Create SMART Career Goals

Updated Content on 3/17/2023 How To Create SMART Career Goals We all want to accomplish goals in our personal lives and careers, and setting SMART goals can help you achieve those goals! For example, perhaps you aren’t fulfilled in your current job and are looking for a more rewarding career, or maybe your goal is … Read more

An Introduction to United Career Institute

United Career Institute is excited to be joining the Irwin/Greensburg communities. United is the newest member of a successful group of schools in the tri-state area that offers fast track education. United specializes in career focused, skill based training with the goal of having students career ready in a matter of months. At United Career … Read more